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Terms you need to know !

We are here to support you people. But we will not sure that the donors will definately approach you.

  1. And you should not depend on us only.
  2. We will not provide any information about you in the web site any where such as your mobile numbers etc.
  3. We will may directly contact you if any urjent require is there.
  4. And you should valuntarily join in this registration process.
  5. Should not aoid the messages from us.
  6. If any financial problem for donors to reach location of needer, they will provide to the donors.
  7. Every requested user for any particular blood group they should be able to support the donor in financilly
  8. You can directly call us for any enquiry. So we will provide some co-ordinates for each city very soon. So you can contact them directly.
  9. The donor should take care about his donation and should confirm the request.
  10. We will provide the communication but it is your duty to confirm the request weather it is truly asked or not.